Our New Norm and LIVE SALES.

Our New Norm and LIVE SALES.

Well, my 2020 business plan has been flipped upside down and I'm now navigating this "new norm" for my small business. It's been over a month since we have been quarantined and it feels like things are changing daily. Whether it's figuring out potential business loans or artists grants, or how to be refunded for events that have been canceled, there are loads of fun behind the scenes things to fill up my days. But let's focus on the fun things in life.... jewelry shopping!

The best way to stay connected with me is on social media, especially Instagram. Not following me yet? Go check it out and give me a "follow" now! You're missing out on fun new designs, works in progress and content that you can't see anywhere else.

As part of the "no market" reality we are now faced with, I've decided to stay connected and sell "in-person" on Instagram Live Sales! I did my first test run sale last Saturday. If you were able to join, I wanted to give you a huge THANK YOU! We had a ton of fun chatting, looking at and shopping a selection of my pieces! If you missed it, do not worry! We will be adding Live Sales to our schedule in the coming weeks.

Our next scheduled Live Sale will take place on April 25, 2020 at 3pm PDT // 6pm EDT. 


How Does a Live Sale Work?

You can find people "going Live" at the top of your Homepage of Instagram at the top near your Stories. It will say "LIVE" under the circle with the persons name. On the date and time of the sale, go to Instagram and look for JFOXJewelry to go LIVE in the Stories bar. Select my circle and join my Live video.

I will show a variety of products and talk you through the design, details, stones, length, number of each piece available. Some pieces will be "last call" items, one of a kind pieces, and from the "JFOX Vault" (meaning they may be an old style we are bringing back specifically for the Live Sale). There is a comment section where you can ask questions too!! I'm happy to help answer anything you may want to know.

How Do You Shop?

Each item is given a Number and a Letter code. (Example: 45A)

The Number is the Price. (Example: $45)  The Letter is the product identifier. (Example Product ID is A) 

If you want to claim a piece, in the comments section say a word (Mine, Claimed, Sold, any word!) along with the Number/Letter Code. (Example: SOLD 45A)

I will announce the first person to claim the item as it is shown on my end. Sometimes there are delays in the messages so to be fair it will go to the first on my side. I will announce who claimed the item. If there is more than one available, I will continue announcing claimants until the item is Sold Out. 

First come, first claim!

How Do You Pay? 

At the end of the sale, if you have claimed an item, message me your email address. I will send you an email invoice with all items you claimed during the sale. Invoices must be paid within 24 Hours or I will release the items for someone else to purchase.

I promise you, it is fun to watch! (Think: Home Shopping Network!) 

I hope you can join us on April 25th for our next Sale!! All week I will be posting sneak peeks of items that will be up for grabs on Instagram, so make a list now...some pieces there is only 1 available, so once it is gone..that's IT! Gotta be quick to claim.

So pour yourself a cocktail, glass of wine or mocktail and cozy up with your phone, laptop or tablet to check us out LIVE!


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