1. Use a textile measuring tape (or string) to measure the distance around your head crossing through the center part of the back of your head and the forehead just above the eyebrow. The tape should be level with the ground.
  2. Check the measurement of the tape wrapped around your head. Hat sizing is in cm. If you are in-between sizes, we suggest sizing up and adjusting your hat accordingly.

TIP: If you don't have a textile measuring tape, use a string or piece of yarn to measure the distance around your head. After you have marked the yarn around your head, lay it out flat on the ground or table and measure the straightened out piece of yarn with a measuring stick or regular measuring tape.

hat sizing example


Hat Sizing Tape
- comes with 4 foam tape pieces - peel and stick To use hat sizing tape: - Place the foam on the inside of your hat, behind the sweatband, with the sticky side facing towards the hat wall. - Size...
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  • My hat has draw strings - If your inner band has draw strings located behind the tag on the rear side of the hat, simply pull them tight to adjust your hat size down a size or two. Pull gently to avoid a tare. *All our Standard Brim Hats have draw strings.
  • My hat DOES NOT have draw strings - Many types of inner bands do not allow for a draw strings such as leather, elastic or cotton with a foam lining. Hats without a draw string are adjusted by using our Hat Sizing Tape (sold separately). Hat sizing tape has long been the preferred method of adjusting hats because it allows you to keep the inner band in its natural form and the foam molds comfortably to the head.

Directions to use Hat Sizing Tape: Place the foam tape on the inside of your hat, behind the sweatband, with the sticky side facing towards the hat wall. Size to fit prior to removing the adhesive cover. Place one, two or all four foam pieces depending on how much you need to adjust the size. Once the fit is correct, remove the adhesive cover, press firmly into place, and wa-lah.

For more questions about hat sizing, please contact JFOX at:

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