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Using the desert as an inspiration may feel a bit too obvious for a bohemian-luxe brand, but it really goes much deeper. You may think of the desert as a place of isolation & vast nothingness, but when I see the desert I think about how it’s always changing. The wind is forever shifting and moving the sand and rocks. The desert is in constant, quiet motion, just like the sea which I draw a lot of my previous inspiration from. Even in the toughest conditions, the desert still is able to bring new life. The desert isn’t full the of conventional sense of beauty but the beauty that is survival of the fittest. You have to appreciate the struggle and strength of anything that can sustain life there. The desert is a funny and fascinating place. I hope you enjoy the new collection and can see the not-so-literal way the desert has inspired it. These pieces are meant to make a statement whether it be a bold, strong necklace or the more delicate whisper. As always, I bring to you something for everyone.

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