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DIY Bracelet Making Kit for Kids

DIY Bracelet Making Kit for Kids

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  • DIY Bracelet Making Kits for your little ones (or you can gift them to little ones in your life!)
  • Each kit comes with an instruction guide, a mix of over 150 beads, elastic cord, binder clips and a JFOX gift bag to store your finished bracelets.
  • Comes in a reusable tin to store all your beads
  • Each kit makes approximately 7  6" bracelets
  • Good for ages 3 and up

This is a great learning tool! Not only will you get to work together to complete the project but your kids will get to learn about using a ruler & measuring, cutting with scissors (under your supervision, of course), colors, shapes, patterns and hand/eye coordination.

*To request custom letter beads to spell a name or word, email me: after checkout! No Additional Cost for Letters!* 

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